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Experience up close the “Big Five” of South Tyrol starting from the Hiking Hotel in Vals

Experience up close the Big Five of South Tyrol

Whether as a climber or as a hobby photographer, the Big Five of South Tyrol are the highlight of any holiday in Vals. Get to know the impressive mountains of the region closer and keep them either in a photo or in your memories permanently.

The Wilde Kreuzspitze

The Wilde Kreuzspitze rises to a height of 3,132 meters. It is the main peak of Pfunders’ mountains. While hiking you will pass the glacier fields near the Rautal’s ridge and can take a snow photo even in summer. A particularly beautiful sight is the Wild Lake, which can be seen from the summit.

The Napfspitz

With approximately 2,888 meters the Napfspitz is not such a high peak but equally impressive. The path is marked by a rocky landscape and exudes a special charm.

The Seefeldspitz

The Seefeldspitz rises up until 2,715 meters above sea level. On the way towards the top you will pass along three beautiful lakes. At the top you enjoy again an unobstructed view of the mountain lakes.

The Gaisjoch

On the way from your Hiking Hotel in Vals to the  Gaisjoch you will cross larch forests. Especially in autumn when leaves begin to change color, they offer an impressive sight. The autumn-colored trees in addition to the local chamois are one of the most photographed subjects. Once arrived at the top, you have reached an altitude of 2,641 meters.

The Astjoch

To reach the Astjoch you walk over the Rodeneck / Lüsen Alm, which in spring and summer consist of a colorful flowers’ sea. Keep this sight fixed on a unique photo. The Astjoch itself is about 2,194 meters high and offers a beautiful panoramic view.